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Physician Associate Injection Clinic



Description of Picture.The Physician Associate Injection Clinic (PAIN-C) is the brainchild of Maurice Skillern. Maurice is a Physician Associate who has practiced for 17 years; 13 of which he has specialized in orthopedics. In 2018 Maurice Skillern obtained his Doctor of Medical Science Degree (DMS) from Lincoln Memorial university of Harrogate, Tennessee. His training was for 2 years and he was trained by specialist physicians with a focus on autonomous practice.

The decision to open the PAIN-C clinic came about from an observed need-for-services that came to his attention by way of one of his patients. He had worked at the Veteran's Administration Hospital Orthopedic Clinic for six years when one of his longtime patients (a veterans wife) came to see him as scheduled. She was a patient whose hands (she had osteoarthritis of her thumb) he had been injecting periodically for about four years. Over those 4 years she had many times expressed the effectiveness of the injections on relieving her hand pain and allowing her to continue her favorite pastime (sewing).

During this particular visit she mentioned to him that the present visit would be the last that she could make to see him. Concerned for his long-time patient, he asked her why (thinking that they were moving away from the area) this would be the last visit she could make to see him. The veterans wife responded that she would reach her 65th birthday on the next month and since her husband was not 100% service connected she (as a spouse) could no longer be seen within the Veteran's Administration Hospital System.

With grave concerned he then asked her if she had another provider outside the VA who could continue periodically giving her the injections. She replied no and added "I don't know what I am going to do; the shots are the only thing that have given me relief from the pain of my hands".  The look that his patient gave him, (close to tears) was enough to start his mind to working on a solution. Yet, saddened and knowing that the policies of the VA could not be circumvented he gave the two of them information on outside sources that could take over her orthopedic care and who would accept Medicare. Though this information was helpful the patient before leaving told him. Someone else probably could inject her hands but she only trusted and felt comfortable (after 4 years) with him (Maurice Skillern) doing her injections.

The complement was certainly appreciated but he did not have an answer for her that would allow him to continue seeing her without breaking Veteran Administration policies. It was then that Maurice Skillern had an epiphany. He came up with the Idea to subcontract with different physicians in the community to focus on ensuring that Medicare patients (seniors) had access to the pain-relieving orthopedic injections that he had been giving to veterans over the preceding 6 years. His plan (if possible would allow him to give the injections and accept the Medicare rate without the Medicare recipient having to pay anything out of pocket".

He then decided that the non-profit structure would be the best format to use; it would allow him to accept charitable contributions that would also allow him to supply the same care for indigent people who were not on Medicare nor had any insurance. This idea became his personal war, it was an uphill battle at first; but once he found the first physician to work with his model and all of the regulatory requirement were met he began offering the orthopedic injections to a broader base of people. Those who were on Medicare as well as those who were not (indigent non-insurance personnel). It has been a labor of love for him and he looks forward to opening other clinics that can offer the same services to the less fortunate as well as the seniors who could well benefit.


This is the PAIN-C story so far but there will be much more to come.