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 At PAIN-C we utilize a stair-step methodology from least invasive to more invasive. Your journey up the stairs can be started by us or by your Primary Care Provider. If there is no fracture or other significant abnormality noted of the area of discomfort (joint in question) we initially start with conservative treatment:

  1. Use "RICE"

    • Rest

    • Ice

    • Compression

    • Elevation

    • Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug (NSAID) , if appropriate and not contraindicated due to other medical issues.

      • Ibuprofen (Motrin)

      • Naproxen

  2. Bracing if appropriate.

    • Knee

    • Ankle

    • Shoulder

    • Wrist

    • Hand

  3. Physical therapy unless their is significant osteoarthritis of a joint.

    • If there is significant osteoarthritis of a joint noted then patients can choose to try physical therapy or injection therapy will be offer

  4. Recommendation of weight loss if overweight.

    • A decrease in weight applied to a joint that hurts is proportionate to the level of relief of pain.

    • We do not recommend high impact activities (running or jumping) for cardio exercises. We recommend the stationary bike or pool for cardio, these exercising methodologies put less stress of joints that hurt.

  5. If this does not resolve the discomfort in 4 to 6 weeks then we consider injections if not contraindicated.

    1. Types of injections

      1. Knee (Click here to see knee injections)

      2. Shoulder (Click here to see knee injections)

      3. Elbow (Click here to see knee injections)

      4. Hand (Click here to see knee injections)