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Physician Associate Injection Clinic


The Physician Associate Injection Clinic (PAIN-C) is a Non-Profit Corporation.  Our focus is non-surgical orthopedic medical care. Maurice Skillern, the founder of PAIN-C noted after working in orthopedics for several years that there was a large majority of seniors who are unnecessarily suffering from joint pain due to "lack of knowledge" of the potential benefit of orthopedic injections or for financial reasons. Our focus is to make the pain-relieving methodologies of steroid and viscosupplementation injections available to the broader public.

At PAIN-C we initially utilize less invasive methodologies with a stair-step approach. This incorporates conservative care (non-invasive) which may advance to more invasive pain-relieving methodologies such as steroid and viscosupplementation joint injections if needed. We will also work with various primary care physicians in the community to offer their patients joint injection therapy when it is deemed appropriate.

If you "the patient" feel that injection therapy would help you or if you are interested in trying injection therapy, ask your primary care provider to write you a prescription or authorization for the injections we offer and then you can call our offices for an appointment. Also, if you do not have a primary care provider we will be more than pleased to see you anyway; call us, we look forward to providing your care.



Orthopedic Handouts


The Human Body

Short description of image.The human body has 206 bones (for a typical adult). Of those 206 bones the places they intersect are called joints. Some of the joints articulate (move) and some of the joints do not. The areas where the bones intersect (joints) are were the cartilage of the bones are located (cartilage is found at the ends of bones).

The cartilage along with the synovial fluid is what allows the joints to articulate (move where they are connected). The breakdown of the cartilage at the ends of bones where they articulate with one another is what arthritis truly is. Unfortunately once the cartilage matures it becomes avascular so that when it breaks down it cannot repair itself. The degree of breakdown of the cartilage is what determines a health knee (no breakdown) from a severe osteoarthritic knee (severe breakdown of the cartilage). 

Two factors that can break down the cartilage are severe pressure being applied to the joint (athletes, runners etc...) and/or excessive weight (Obesity). These two factors can be mitigated by the normal adult by moderating high impact activities and weight control. When pain from joints is present and does not subside in a reasonable amount of time (four to six weeks with avoidance of high impact activities and an Non  Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (ibuprofen naproxen etc...) if appropriate) then a orthopedic provider should be sought out by the individual. (Click here to read more.)



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License Information

At PAIN-C we focus on providing effective and safe medical services to the general public. All providers working at PAIN-C have appropriate training and licensing to satisfy medical and State regulations.